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Light Image Resizer Crack With Serial Key

Light image Resizer Crack

Light Image Resizer Crack is a popular software tool that allows users to resize and convert images easily. It simplifies the process of resizing images. Users can quickly change the dimensions (width and height) of images, whether for specific purposes like social media, web design, or email attachments. One of the strengths of Light Image Resize is its ability to resize multiple images simultaneously in batch mode. This can save a significant amount of time if you need to process numerous images. Light Image Resize supports RAW image formats from digital cameras, allowing users to resize and convert these high-quality images. Light Image Resizes offers a preview feature, allowing users to see the results of their resizing or conversion before making changes. It also enables image comparison, showing the original and modified images side by side.

Uses of this app:

Users can also create and save resizing and conversion profiles to apply specific settings consistently across multiple images or projects. The application provides options for renaming image files in batch mode, which can also be useful for organizing and managing large collections of images. Light Image Resizes includes features for creating photo collages, allowing users to arrange multiple images into a single composition. Users can add watermarks to their images to protect their intellectual property or brand. Watermarks can include text or image-based overlays. In addition to resizing, Light Image Resizes can also convert images from one format to another. This is useful for tasks like converting raw camera images to JPEG or converting images for compatibility with specific software or devices.


  • One of the strengths of Light Image Resize is its ability to resize multiple images simultaneously in batch mode. This can save a significant amount of time if you need to process numerous images.
  • Light Image Resizer can be used in offline mode, allowing users to work without an internet connection.
  • The software also offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, making it simple to add images for processing.
  • Light Image Resizes can be configured to preserve the original images by saving the resized or converted images in a separate folder, ensuring that the original files are not overwritten.
  • Users can also access a history of their resizing and conversion tasks, enabling them to revert to previous versions of images or repeat previous operations.

Why did users choose this app?

  • Light Image Resizer is available in multiple languages, making it accessible to users around the world.
  • Users can view histogram information and detailed image properties. This includes dimensions, file size, and color profiles to help make informed editing decisions.

Light image Resizer Crack


  • Compression and Quality Control:

The application offers fine-grained control over image compression and quality settings. Users can choose a level of compression to optimize file size while preserving image quality.

  • Rotate and flip:

Users can also easily rotate images clockwise or counterclockwise. And flip them horizontally or vertically. This feature is handy for correcting image orientation or creating mirrored effects.

  • Resolution Adjustments:

In addition to resizing by specific dimensions, Light Image Resize allows users to adjust the image resolution in dots per inch (DPI). This is particularly useful for maintaining image quality for printing purposes.

  • Reduction of Image Clutter:

Light Image Resizes helps users manage their photo collections by reducing image clutter through resizing and organization.

  • Affordability:

Many users also appreciate that Light Image Resizes offers both for free. Plus, there are paid versions, making it accessible to users with different budgets.

  • Ease of Use:

Light Image also Resizer offer a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it accessible to individuals with varying levels of technical expertise. Users can quickly learn to resize and edit images without a steep learning curve.


The application provides various filters and effects that users can apply to their images during the resizing or conversion process. This includes options for sharpening, blurring, and color adjustments. The application also allows users to crop images to specific dimensions or aspect ratios, providing further control over the image’s composition.

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